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Oct 8, 2015

  • James Gurney talks about: 
  • How John Steinbeck, Charles Kuralt, and a hobo named Bud inspired James to spend three months traveling across the U.S.
  • The lasting impression of James' art on young minds and how one fan grew up to be a paleontologist and named a dinosaur after James: Torvosaurus gurneyi
  • The criteria James uses to decide what projects to work on: "Find the work I have the most fun doing, work with the people I really enjoy hanging with and then figure out how to make a business out of that."
  • Why James thinks right now is the best time to be an artist and how he uses new technology to reach current fans and create new ones.
  • Why reading every day is important to James' work.
  • How his artist blog, Gurney Journey sparks James' creativity.
  • James' advice on how to develop an original vision.

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