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Nov 9, 2017

Have collage work and other forms of mixed media art been a part of your artistic journey? What influence have different forms of artistic expression had on your development as an artist? I had the pleasure to sit down with the wonderfully talented mixed media artist, Lorette Luzajic. In our conversation we discussed her journey as an artist, how she got her start creating mixed media art, how literature has impacted her journey, and much more! Lorette brings a fascinating and unique experience that I know artists like you will appreciate. Don’t forget to check out images of Lorette’s artwork located at the end of this post!

Discovering a Career as a Visual Artist

What led to your career as an artist? How did you become convinced that art would become the work that you would end up dedicating your life to practicing? Was it intentional or an accident? My guest, Lorette Luzajic opened up in our conversation and shared how she came to discover and embrace her path as a visual artist. Lorette was firmly on the path to becoming a writer and had dedicated much of her education toward this goal when she fell in love with visual arts. To hear Lorette tell how she got started with visual arts is inspiring. Believe it or not, it all started with a desire to learn and then create tarot cards. I hope you find Lorette’s story as captivating as I did!

A Joyous Encounter with Art

One of my very favorite questions to ask an artist is if they’ve had any memorable reactions to their artwork. Have you had any unique reactions to your artwork? Have you found yourself reacting to other artist's creations in a particularly noteworthy way? I put this question to my guest Lorette Luzajic and as usual, I got a fascinating story in response. She tells the story of when she presented her work at an outdoor art festival that featured an odd creature. The image she created drew the attention of a nearby two-year-old child. This child was enamored with the creature that Lorette created and ended up with a joyous encounter with her artwork. This story definitely tops the list of notable reactions, I’m so glad Lorette shared this story!

Keep Pressing Forward, Don’t Give Up!

How do you stay motivated when things don’t seem to be going your way in your career? Do you find yourself spiraling downward? What helps to break you out of a funk and get back on track? My guest, Lorette Luzajic was candid in our conversation and shared how she has pushed through difficult situations to remain motivated and determined to succeed. Lorette recalled an encounter she had with another artist where they explained that if their work impacted one person, that it would be worth it. Ultimately, we create art because we resonate with the creative process and what it does in us.

Organization is KEY

What steps have you taken to become more organized as an artist? What role has organization played in your journey as an artist? While artists are typically portrayed as cluttered and unfocused, that’s not necessarily a fair depiction. In our conversation my guest, Lorette Luzajic shared with me how vital a role organization has played as she has evolved over the years as an artist. It took her some time to figure it out but once Lorette was able to move away from procrastination to embrace a more regimented and focused approach she saw her artwork flourish. What can you learn from Loretta's story?

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:50] I introduce my guest, Lorette Luzajic
  • [3:00] Lorette shares how she got started as an artist.
  • [9:00] How does Lorette’s writing intersect with her art?
  • [10:30] Memorable responses to Lortette’s work.
  • [12:30] Overcoming fears and disappointments.
  • [15:00] Where does Lorette’s inspiration come from? How does she begin a project?
  • [22:00] Lorette talks about her studio process and archival considerations.
  • [25:30] Does Lorette ever get stuck?
  • [27:00] Lorette shares how she uses her notebooks.
  • [30:00] Book recommendations from Lorette.
  • [33:00] Routines and habits in the studio.
  • [38:00] Keep pressing forward and don’t give up!
  • [40:00] Lorette’s dream project and art she’s like to own from a fellow artist.
  • [43:00] Organization is key for a successful artist.

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