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Sep 14, 2017

What does a creative journey that starts with graffiti art then moves to video game work and then ends up on a smaller scale working with acrylics look like? What lessons and tips can other artists learn from such a journey? My guest, Greg Simkins opens up about all these various transitions in his life and how he has been able to build a thriving art business with his wife. Greg’s story is fascinating and unique and I hope you can catch the lively and infectious passion that he exudes for his work. Don’t forget to catch some images of Greg’s artwork located at the end of this post!

Encouragement Along the way

How did you get started as an artist? Was it a gradual progression? Did you know from a young age? Or did you come to the realization later in life? Who helped you along your creative journey? Did you have mentors, friends, or family members who encouraged you along the way? My guest, Greg Simkins describes the wonderfully supportive relationship he shares with his father who was vital in encouraging and nurturing his creative impulses early in his journey. What can you learn from Greg’s story? Does the impact that other people have had on your journey as an artist inspire you to do the same for others?

Graffiti Art

How does a mild mannered and shy AP student find himself involved with the skating and punk rock crowd? How does this association and engagement translate to a career as a successful and respected artist? My guest Greg Simkins shares the story of how some students in high school noticed his drawings and introduced him to the world of graffiti art. From there, the encouragement of his friends and his father led to greater confidence in his artistic abilities. Greg’s story is an interesting and non-traditional one that will leave you intrigued and curious to how many other paths exist out there for artists to find their way.

Working With Acrylics

Do you remember the first piece you completed in a new medium? Can you remember what you learned through that process? Was it frustrating or rewarding? My guest, Greg Simkins described to me his first experience completing a piece of art using acrylics. This experience also happened to be Greg’s first foray into being commissioned for his artwork. Greg recalls the experience as being difficult and not absent of errors he had to correct along the way but ultimately, this encounter led Greg on a path to begin working with acrylics more and more. Now Greg works predominately with acrylics and looks back fondly on this moment as one of the first steps of his journey.

Struggling With Time Management

What do you do to structure your time as an artist? Do you try to spend some time each day in your creative flow or do you designate whole days that you can dedicate to projects? Artist Greg Simkins explained to me his struggles with navigating the complexities of raising a family and balancing his time in the studio working on his projects. At the end of the day, Greg had to get to a place where he could really learn to slow down and structure his time. He had taken his time for creative endeavors for granted when he had his father close by to assist him, but when his father moved away he found himself in a state of chaos. What lessons can you learn from Greg’s story? How will you ensure that you have time to complete the work you are passionate about?

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:35] I introduce my guest, Greg Simkins.
  • [3:30] Greg talks about how he got his start as an artist.
  • [13:00] The first time Greg painted with acrylics.
  • [18:00] Moving from big scale work to a smaller scale.
  • [20:30] Greg talks about working with acrylics.
  • [28:00] Experimenting with different mediums.
  • [36:00] Struggling with time management.
  • [43:00] Running the business as an artist.
  • [45:00] Greg’s advice for artists who run their own business.
  • [52:00] What is Greg working on right now?

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