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Mar 23, 2017

Most people don’t stop to consider the artistry involved with the framework that houses paintings. In many cases this is done on purpose, too elaborate or extravagant framework might detract from the detail and message that the artist is trying to convey. But artist Holly Lane has a different approach. She combines both aspects in a harmonious creative endeavor. The result is breathtaking. Holly carefully and litigiously plans how her work with carving and designing her frames will complement and enhance her painting as if they were one unified piece of art. Words don’t do Holly’s work justice, you have to see this brilliant and gifted approach - make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the images she provided.

Early affirmations in carving out a creative path

Not all artists receive the encouragement and enthusiasm for their early work as much as they’d like. Many artists use this adversity and challenge to fuel their creativity drive to succeed and make a name for themselves. Artist Holly Lane was fortunate enough to receive some early affirmations from her professors partly because of the unique nature of her work. In art school, Holly really discovered her passion, not only for painting but also for crafting and cultivating a skill for creating intricate frames that enhance her paintings. Holly’s journey wasn’t easy, she has faced her fair share of challenges but it’s refreshing to hear such a positive and encouraging start to an illustrious career.

Art Inspired by Animals and Mythology

It is an absolute joy to get the chance to hear from so many artists about what motivates and inspires their creative process. I asked my guest Holly Lane about her creative journey and how she conceptualizes her work. Holly explained that she gets a lot of her inspiration from “Interspecies compassion” - philosophical proofs that animals can think. She also delves into the imaginative journey and contemplates the backstory and implications of myths like the Roman goddess Fortuna. Holly has a vibrant and infectious energy that really comes alive when she opens up about her passion for her work. It's always wonderful to hear from such a talented and gracious artist.

What is the Stendhal Syndrome?

Have you ever heard of the Stendhal Syndrome? Neither had I until my conversation with Holly Lane. Once you hear what it is, it will sound familiar to you. The Stendhal Syndrome is a psychosomatic disorder that causes strong physical reactions and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to an experience of great personal significance, particularly viewing art. Holly and I discussed our experiences with this phenomena and she told me about a meaningful moment someone had encountering her work. For an artist to see someone react so viscerally to their work is a powerful and meaningful moment and that certainly comes through when Holly tells the story.

Keeping the artist's dream alive

What is your dream project? Where would you go? What would you take with you? Artist Holly Lane was kind enough to indulge this question that I posed to her over the course of our conversation. Given the inspiration and type of work Holly engages in, her answer shouldn’t be too surprising. She said that she would like to travel to the great castles and cathedrals of Europe. There she would draw and take pictures, then compose a body of work to be exhibited either in a church or in a forest. Holly didn’t miss a beat when I asked her this question so you can tell this is something that is near the surface and that she's been dreaming about. I hope she gets to follow her dream and I hope you have one just below the surface that you will follow too!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] My introduction to today’s guest, Holly Lane.
  • [2:15] Holly talks about her work with frames.
  • [5:40] Does Holly carve all her frames herself?
  • [9:15] How does Holly conceptualize her work?
  • [17:20] Holly talks about finding her path after school.
  • [26:00] Working with grants.
  • [29:00] Memorable responses to Holly’s work.
  • [36:30] What does Holly do when she gets stuck?
  • [38:40] Surprising artists that influence and inspire Holly.
  • [42:30] What is Holly working on right now?
  • [43:50] Holly talks about how she sets up her studio.
  • [45:30] What is Holly’s dream project?

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