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Nov 14, 2019

When was the last time you found yourself moved deep in the core of your being by a work of art or natural beauty? As an artist, you can appreciate the power that we have to draw on people’s perceptions and emotions. It was a pleasure to speak with the talented Nashville based landscape artist, Adam Hall. In our conversation, Adam was kind enough to open up about his connection to the ocean, how his time working in the music industry influenced his artwork, challenges he has faced along the way, and much more. You’ll want to pay close attention, Adam has some helpful insights and suggestions for fellow artists and parents. 

Disaster and opportunity 

Do you remember that moment when you realized that you needed to commit yourself to become an artist? Was it a decision to go to art school? Or did you find yourself slowly realizing that you needed to start drawing out your creative side? For Adam hall, the turning point in his career came when he went with his musician friends to volunteer for the Red Cross.

In the wake of a massive tornado storm that impacted the Nashville area, Adam and his friends decided that they wanted to help the situation. In a twist of fate, Adam and his friends found themselves at the home of renowned Nashville artist, David Wright. Seizing on the opportunity, Adam peppered David with questions and sought his advice on how to move forward in his budding career as an artist. 


Fast-forward many years later, and you’ll find Adam thriving as a landscape artist in the Nashville area. Adam’s journey hasn’t always been an easy one; he has experienced his fair share of stress, creative struggles, and moments of overwhelm. Do you think that feeling overwhelmed could ever be a good thing? What if you could draw on the enormity and scale of an image or scene that was so powerful that it elicited an emotional response? 

When Adam was faced with a particularly busy season of his life, he found himself going for an early run one morning. His mind was weighed down by the stress and frantic energy that seemed endless. Reaching the end of his run at the beach - Adam was moved to tears as the sun crested over the horizon. At that moment at the ocean, Adam experienced something that transcended all the chaos in his mind - it was almost like hitting the reset button. In Adam’s experience, feeling overwhelmed can lead to a positive outcome. 

Navigating parenthood as an artist 

I love to take the opportunity to explore the insights and lessons that my fellow artists have for their peers who also happen to be parents. Having explored this facet of life with many of my guests over the years, it never ceases to surprise me that while there are many similarities, everyone has their own unique take on parenting as an artist. For Adam and his wife, they found that their creative and professional lives thrived when they were able to plan and schedule their time effectively. Instead of a combative and haphazard approach to parenting - Adam and his wife were committed to carving time to their creative pursuits. What can you learn from Adam’s story?

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:55] I welcome my guest, Adam Hall. 
  • [3:00] Adam talks about how he got his start as an artist. 
  • [14:00] How has Adam’s approach to the canvas changed over the years? 
  • [16:00] Artists who have influenced Adam. 
  • [20:00] Adam talks about his connection to the ocean. 
  • [26:45] How does Adam describe his style and artistic approach? 
  • [31:20] Adam shares his routine and studio practices. 
  • [35:00] How has Adam navigated life as a parent and an artist? 
  • [40:00] Building relationships and networking. 
  • [48:00] Refusing to take no for an answer. 
  • [51:15] Adam talks about the challenges he has faced along the way. 

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