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Feb 25, 2022

Last week, I talked about how we find meaning in our art practice by connecting the dots of our art journey. This week, I want to connect a few more of those dots and talk about why sharing your work matters so much. I’ll dive into why sharing your art makes it better and how it can actually change the world. We’ll also take an in-depth look into how we need both sides of our brain to produce our best work.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:40] What expands your mind also expands your art
  • [4:23] Why sharing your art makes it better
  • [6:14] How to change the world with your art
  • [7:30] Using both sides of our brain in the process of making and sharing art 

Embracing the process

So many artists that I talk to believe that their art doesn’t matter. I am 100% convinced that not only does your art matter to you, but it also matters to us. ALL of us. I also understand that my belief doesn’t help someone going through a funk. This episode might inspire someone for a week, however lasting change only happens when we can hold that belief for ourselves. But be patient with yourself! Some of those negative thoughts have dug really deep roots into your mind and they can take a good amount of time and intention to weed out. The same thing goes for planting and nurturing healthier thoughts. It’s a gentle process, but the growth that happens and the results of those changes will compound for the rest of your life. 

Creating a dialogue

I love Seth Godin. His work has taught me so much. One of my favorite things is that in sharing our art or anything we create, we have to just “ship it”. Meaning as artists, we have to do the work then share the work. We have to get our ideas out into the world where people can see them. So that they can be tested. This creates a dialogue. If art is a form of communication, you want to make sure it doesn’t stay a monologue. It’s okay to keep some of your work for yourself, but ultimately you need to share your vision with the world to find your people. It’s the only way that you will be able to refine your ideas and make them better, clearer, and more meaningful to you.

Changing the world

Another brilliant Seth Godin quote states that “Art is a personal act of courage. Something that one person does that creates change in another.” Our art always has the potential to make an impact on someone, even when we least expect it. That’s why when we follow his advice to just “ship it” we become what he calls “agents of change” who have the ability to change the world. When was the last time you looked at your art as world-changing? Have you ever looked at your art this way? Admittedly, I struggled with this at first. It felt arrogant to believe that anything I make has that kind of potential. But the longer I sat with this I realized that it wasn’t a ridiculous thought because we ALL have that potential. Your work may not impact everyone, but it will impact someone. And THAT is why your work matters so much. Even if the person it impacts is you.

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