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Jul 21, 2016

Greg Decker is a symbolist painter, living in southern New Mexico. He holds two MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degrees, from Cranbrook Academy of Art (MI) and from the New York Academy of Art (NYC).  He’s studied with renowned painters such as Leland Bell, Fairfield Porter, John Moore, Vincent Desiderio and Martha Erlebacher.

I never thought I would hear Beethoven and the Ramones mentioned in the same sentence, but that’s what Greg does, he weaves together ideas from history, literature, philosophy and diverse sources to create his work. Thank you to Julyan Davis for bringing Greg and his luscious paintings to my attention.

Go to to see Greg’s work- it really is a treat, and for links to   everyone we mentioned. While you are there, make sure you don’t miss an episode- sign up sign up for show updates and free guides by clicking on the yellow button in the sidebar. I’m working on a couple more goodies for you as we speak.

A very special shout out goes to Liz Cutler, Aimee Hoover, Tracy Everly, Kaethe Bealer, Amy Fitzgerald, Rhonda Doré, Douglas Reina, Gail Hight, Art of Joy, and Barry Koplowitz - thank you so much for supporting the podcast.