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Sep 7, 2017

What is the future of painting? How will the next decade of painting stack up given the current trends compared to what’s come before? Is the painting community on a positive trajectory? Or do we need to make some course corrections? My guest, Burton Silverman joins me for part two of our conversation. Burt opens up about the impact of past artists, how he chooses his subjects, the future of painting, and so much more! Burt has such a depth of experience and knowledge I know you will find his insights and perspectives as fascinating as I did!

The Future of Painting

Do you have an idea of where the painting sector of the art community is headed? Does it leave you troubled or optimistic? I put this question to artist Burton Silverman and he provided a helpful and nuanced response. Burt used the word hopefully to describe his outlook and I found that really encouraging. He was also quick to add that he wants to see the future of painting push the bounds and really challenge the concept of authenticity that has been proclaimed as of late. I loved Burt’s take on our corner of the art community and hope that you find the hope and challenge as welcome as I did.

The Difference Between Style and Voice

What is the difference between an artist’s style and their voice? Is there a difference in your mind? How would you explain it? What illustrations would you give to describe it? Artist Burt Silverman explained how he sees the difference between style and voice in our conversation. Burt says that your style is the language by which your voice may or may not come through. He goes on to explain that if you change your language or your style, then your “voice” shifts and gets expressed with a different sound or accent to it. Burt really has a wonderful way with words and describing these complicated topics in a helpful and imaginative way.

Advice to Young Artists

What does it take to succeed as an artist? I’ve had just as many answers to this question as I have had guests to interview! Consider this, what would you say to someone who is just starting out on their journey as an artist? What do you think would be helpful advice for them to follow? Artist Burt Silverman struggled to answer this question because he is sensitive to the unique journey and circumstance of each artist. Having said that, he did manage to explain the importance of really knowing yourself and why artists should spend the time to plumb the depths of their interior and let that experience inform their art.

Seeing Without Observing

What skills are necessary for an artist to create meaningful works of art? Does it all rely on talent or is there something beyond the technical ability that makes for compelling and captivating art? Going back to the question of the future of painting and pairing it with the question about advice to young artists, Burt Silverman explained that we need more artists who practice the skill of observation. He used a wonderful line from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that says, “You see but you do not observe.” Does that line resonate with you? I think that Burt hit the nail on the head and I hold out hope for the art world and for myself - may we observe more and more each day.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:50] I introduce my guest, Burton Silverman.
  • [4:00] Burton and I discuss the lasting impact of bygone artists.
  • [8:20] How Burton chooses his subjects.
  • [15:00] What is the future of painting?
  • [22:40] Is there a difference between your style and your voice?
  • [32:30] What advice would Burt give to young artists?
  • [38:30] The problem of seeing without observing.

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