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Mar 14, 2019

Last week I sent out an email to my subscribers asking them, “What does success mean to you?” I received over two hundred responses from Savvy Painter followers! People have a lot to say about this topic and as you can imagine each answer was different and had a unique perspective.

I want to take this opportunity to highlight some of those responses and engage in a larger conversation about life as an artist trying to attain “Success.” I want you to join the discussion about success, and I want to hear what other topics you’d like me to showcase.

You need to determine your definition of success.

Let’s face it; the answer to this question is not an easy one. As many of you noted, a quick definition might pop into your mind, but upon further consideration, you struggle to come up with a definition that fits. Ultimately, I believe that each person has to answer this question for themselves, but they do need to answer it. Don’t trick yourself into believing that you can leave this question unanswered and still somehow become “Successful.” How can you achieve something that you haven’t taken the time to define?

An action step, if you dare, come up with a working definition of success that fits you. Once you’ve got that definition, write it down!

Can we talk about the financial side of success?

I know it’s a “Dirty” word, but we are going to talk about money. So many of you, and rightfully so, are concerned about the financial side of the success conversation. I know that you didn’t get into your career as an artist for the money, nobody would choose this profession with that goal. Unfortunately, our society often propagates the idea that our income level is tied to our worth or value. There is no way around it, the financial aspect is part of the success conversation, but I’m so glad that many of you know that it’s not the only factor defining of success. Here is the truth, you need money to live and deserve to get paid for your hard work!

Show up and put in the work.

Whatever your definition of success is, the fact is, you won’t succeed if you don’t stay in the game. It’s not easy to stay in the habit of working on your artwork; this is why I ask so many of my guests to give us a peek behind the curtain and let us in on their process when it comes to time in the studio. Every day that you choose to paint, you are choosing in your favour. Are you putting in the time? Do you have a process that works for you and keeps you on track? If so, let me know!

My definition of success.

Thank you to everyone who joined the conversation by responding to my question, I read all the replies, and I was so encouraged to hear all your perspectives! I’d like to leave you with my definition of success.

Success is continued growth; it means continually expanding my horizons. For me, success means staying true to my values and staying curious.

This whole art journey for me is about the process. The process of painting is more important to me than the outcome. I don’t mind failing; I don’t see failure as the opposite of success. I can learn from failure; I can’t learn if I quit on myself or my art.

I hope you find this conversation on the definition of success helpful. The final message that I want to leave you with is; you are so much more than the Hollywood version of success!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:35] I introduce the topic for this episode; “What does success mean to you?”
  • [6:45] Why you need to define success for yourself.
  • [16:00] Considering the financial aspect of success.
  • [21:20] You need money to live, there is no shame in getting paid for your art.
  • [28:30] Showing up and putting in the work.
  • [31:15] Success is multifaceted.
  • [35:20] I share my definition of success.
  • [39:00] You are so much more than the Hollywood version of success!

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