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Jan 21, 2016

I met Yael in Italy last summer at the JSS in Civita program. And If you have never seen her work, do yourself a favor: soak it in. 

Her paintings are exquisite jewels, and like the artist herself, the paintings are eloquent and understated. 

In this episode, Yael and I talk about her early years at college and why studying with someone who knows something about artistic tradition is so important. Yael shares how she used small format gouache sketches to develop her vision and to formulate pictorial ideas. She gives advice on how to learn to compose a motif. Of course, we  talk about Civita Castellana and how her time there every summer with the JSS program serves as preparation for Yael’s painting in Jerusalem.

Yael Scalia is represented by Rothschild Fine Art, in Tel Aviv, Israel.