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Oct 30, 2014

How to prepare for plein-air landscape painting, challenges of reinventing herself after moving from London to Texas, and switching from art fairs to gallery representation are some of the topics Jill Carver and Antrese Wood cover in this episode.

Jill Carver taught herself to paint poetically rather than as...

Oct 9, 2014

How Mitchel Coffman raised over $12,650 using crowd funding for an art exhibit to honor his mentor, Jorge Alvarez.

Mitchel talks about the genesis of his project 'Strength', how he Kickstarter taught him how the business side of art...

Oct 2, 2014

Be ready for your gallery show! Get your paintings, framing, and promotion plan worked out so that when you arrive at your art opening, you can relax and enjoy. In this episode, Antrese Wood walks you through step by step how she plans and organizes for a solo art show.

Use these techniques for art fairs, group shows...