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Dec 1, 2016

Parker Stremmel is the Gallery Manager at Stremmel gallery in Reno, Nevada. The gallery opened in 1969 with an outdoor and wildlife emphasis, but by 2003, it evolved to reflect a modern focus. Today Stremmel gallery specializes in contemporary paintings, drawings, and sculptures by mid-career and established American and European artists.

In this episode, Parker and Antrese Wood talk about why galleries have limits with the number of artists they work with, the benefits of standing by artists as they experiment and grow, and how Stremmel talks to collectors. They also talk about the cornerstone of a healthy

They also talk about the cornerstone of a healthy artist-gallery relationship: honesty, communication, and why Stremmel Gallery employs some counter-intuitive tactics to help their artists grow and succeed.

Parker tells the harrowing story of when a visitor slammed his fist into a Trompe L’Oeil piece to see if it was real- luckily the piece was undamaged.

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