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Jul 20, 2017

What is intuitive painting? How does the intuitive process work? It has been said that the goal of intuitive painting is to allow yourself the space to be inside color, paint, and process while locating the inner core of your creative self. My guest, Alan Feltus is an intuitive painter who has a rich depth of experience to share with our Savvy Painter audience. In our conversation, we discuss the impact Sari Dienes had on him growing up, his move to Italy, his creative process using mirrors, his advice for young artists, and so much more! I can’t wait for you hear from Alan and learn from his wonderful insights.

Growing up with Sari Dienes

Can you imagine growing with the unique opportunity to learn from an artist like Sari Dienes? What would it be like to watch her work? Artist Alan Feltus opened up to me about his childhood and how he learned from the talented Sari Dienes. Alan talks fondly of spending time with her and watching her creative process. No artist learns in isolation and without an influence, they can point back to. Some artists don’t get that influential person in their life until they are much older, Alan got to experience this time with Sari early in his life. Who is that person for you? Do they know the impact they’ve had on you?

The Freedom and Opportunity of an Artist

What drew you into the life of an artist? Were you captivated by the creative process? Did you have a hero that you looked up to and wanted to create like they did? Or was it the freedom and opportunity that the artist's lifestyle provides? When I sat down to talk with artist Alan Feltus, he described that one of his favorite aspects of being an artist is the freedom that he was able to exercise. Early in his career Alan and his wife Lani decided to move to Italy. They seized the opportunity because they both were represented by galleries at the time and they wanted to utilize their freedom to settle in a place that they could choose. You’ve got to hear Alan describe this time in his life, the passion and excitement that Alan exudes is infectious!

Intuitive Painting

The chance to climb into an artist’s brain and really get to understand what makes them tick is a privilege that I relish. I’ve always been enthralled by intuitive painting and artists like Alan Feltus. In our conversation, Alan described his process that includes the use of mirrors. He is constantly adapting and changing his process to get that unique angle that he’s never captured before. I found Alan’s process, including an on the spot description of how he would paint me in our interview, fascinating. To get a glimpse of Alan’s work, make sure to check out his images included at the end of this post!

YOU Make your Art Unique!

As we expand in this increasingly globalized world, it has become evident to many that there really isn’t a “new” way to make art, or so it seems. Everyone is influenced by someone else and that influenced can be traced back and so on. To break the monotony, artist Alan Feltus encourages younger artists to let their personality shine through in their work. He explains that some of the most captivating and unique art out there incorporates the artist's unique story. Don’t hide behind what’s easy, do the hard work of looking inward and using that as fuel to create something only you can!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:30] I introduce my guest, Alan Feltus.
  • [3:30] Alan talks about the impact that artist Sari Dienes had on him as a child.
  • [17:30] What led Alan to decide to study art and become an artist?
  • [21:00] Alan talks about studying in Rome on the Rome Prize Fellowship.
  • [25:30] Why did Alan and Lani decide to move to Italy?
  • [30:30] Alan’s process using mirrors.
  • [42:00] What is Alan working on right now?
  • [46:30] Alan’s advice for young artists starting out today.
  • [1:01:30] Finding your voice as an artist.
  • [1:05:00] Have artists lost their playfulness?
  • [1:16:00] Making art personal and developing over time.

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